Nick Edwards, founder of yonda

Meet Nick, Founder of yonda

Nick is the founder of yonda and brings a legacy of aviation, high technology and television to the company.

Nick began his professional life building executive jets at British Aerospace and prior to founding yonda, spent nine years as Head of Technical Services for QVC the shopping channel.

This unique blend of aviation, high technology and broadcast experience inspired Nick to start yonda up in 2013.

yonda is based in North Wales, but works all over the UK. yonda only use the very latest, safest, high-technology unmanned aerial systems to deliver state of the art imagery in both still and video form.

yonda has a range of aircraft for different jobs, all with at least 4K resolution cameras, that help produce amazing video to make you look great.

yonda also have a wide range of conventional 4K and HD video cameras and equipment including sliders, dollys and stabilisation systems.

Combined with our powerful in-house edit capabilities, we can easily produce 4K and above video as well as 2D and 3D graphics and also animation, so we can produce any style or format of video you need, all in house, keeping your costs low.

As well as our extensive video capabilities, yonda has powerful 3D render machines that can process 3D pointcloud, LIDAR and orthographic models. We don't rely on 3rd parties or cloud services to do this - all our machines are in house.