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Yonda offers state of the art, broadcast quality aerial video that's affordable for everyone. We work with a wide range of people from national broadcasters down to private individuals with pretty much everything in between. We're always happy to discuss your ideas and how we can help.


Broad and Deep

yonda have been flying drones professionally for five years, as you can see from our CAA permissions number at the bottom of this page, yonda were amongst the first 300 people in the UK doing this. yonda comes from an aviation background coupled with ten years of international broadcast experience, so we know what looks good and how to shoot it too.


yonda's first consideration with every job is always safety. We plan meticulously and always work with your local Air Traffic Control. Our safety record is immaculate and we carry £5m of public liability insurance.


We make you look good

It really is that simple. We get the shots that make your business look great. We shoot for TV as well as business and our customers keep coming back.

We know our stuff

We come from the world of aviation, technology and live TV. yonda have been commercially operating drones for over four years, so we're not making it up as we go along.

Industrial Droning

Common Questions about Drone Filming


Where can we fly?

We fly from the ground up to 400 feet and a radius of up to 500m away from where we are operating

What are the Rules?

We have to be at least 50m away from anything 'not under our control' - roads, other property, vehicles or people.

What about crowds?

we have to be at least 150m away from crowds of more than 1,000 people.

It's Expensive though, right?

Not at all. We charge per day roughly what a conventional Helicopter charges per hour. Our prices start from as little as £300.

Show Reel

Why Choose yonda?

Take a look at our stuff

Above all we shoot great looking material that makes your business shine. Our material speaks for itself, so check it out.

Easy to work with

We speak English, not telly or tech. You'll know what we are talking about and we won't baffle you with jargon!


We've been operating professionally for over four years, so we know what works and we know what looks great.

Competitive Pricing

We don't aim to be the cheapest, but rather offer unbeatable value for top quality work.

We Understand the Web

We don't just dump our video on you, our sister Company, yondaweb, builds websites so we ensure your videos are crafted to work perfectly on-line.

We don't just Fly

We shoot conventional video too, so can produce promotional video entirely in house, keeping your costs low. Aerial video is most effective when it's just a few seconds, blended with conventional material.

One video - many uses

Once we have your aerial footage, we can use it on the web, reception TV, facebook, twitter, trade shows etc. We will edit to support all of these formats.

Endless Possibilities

Video works. Aerial video really works and adds polish and sophistication to your marketing. It's becomingly increasingly common too - do your competitors have it already?

Free Quotations

We're happy to discuss your project, even if it's just an idea. We don't charge until you place an order.

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yonda background The man behind yonda

Nick Edwards, founder of yonda aerial systems ltd

Nick Edwards


Nick is the founder of yonda and brings a legacy of aviation, high technology and television. Nick spent nine years as Head of Technical Services for QVC the shopping channel, and started his professional life building executive jets at British Aerospace. This unique blend of aviation, high technology and broadcast experience has led Nick to found yonda in 2013. Since then yonda has worked with large multinationals, TV companies, events, local Authorities and businesses of all sizes to make great videos and aerial surveys.