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Yonda are extremely versatile and can perform almost any video or photographic work between the ground and 400 feet.

As well as capturing the images, we can also fully edit and produce your media, Some example applications are:-



We can provide a birds-eye view of your construction project - big or small. A unique and exciting service that we offer is time lapse construction. Our technology allows us to precisely locate our camera in the air and return to exactly the same spot at a later date. As our costs are low, we can return to your site during each phase of construction or renovation and build up a series of pictures that show your building transforming from green-field to completion. We can display this as both a series of still images, or a video sequence.

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.

Estate Agents

We can shoot stunning still and video footage that really sells a property. Whilst this is perfect for large houses and estates, it is also cost-effective enough for smaller properties. Not only can we provide a unique view of the property, we can also climb out to 400 feet so potential buyers can gain a great impression of the surrounding area that they couldn't get any other way. We can provide a free demonstration of this, so you can see for yourself how effective this is.

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.



When you need to know the state of potentially unsafe structures, yonda can quickly and easily obtain aerial images of high and inaccessible locations.

You can see a live video feed as we fly, so you can direct us to the exact spot you are interested in. We are quicker and cheaper than using high-access machinery for assessing the state of roofs and other structures during demolition activities, plus we can get to places cherry-pickers can't - up to 400 from the ground.

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.

Golf Course aerial photography and video


We have packages for Golf Courses ranging from a fly-by tour of your facility to full 'balls eye view' of all 18 holes of your course. We can provide custom graphics and insets of your course pro talking through each hole if that's what you require. All of this is fully stabilised and smooth, we use computer controlled flight paths to achieve this.

We can also combine this with conventional ground-based video and still images to produce promotional materials. We partner with a specialist golf marketing organisation to deliver stunning, full multimedia promotional material.

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.

Surveys and aerial inspection


Our systems are perfect for quickly and easily taking detailed, hi-resolution photographs of difficult to reach places. Inspection is an ideal application for us as detailed views can be obtained without the expense and danger of high-level access equipment and scaffolding.

Insurers- we offer a rapid response inspection service either on an ad-hoc basis, or as part of annual contract.

We have specialist equipment that allows us to take 360 degree views at user-specified heights which is perfect for Cellphone masts and wind turbines.

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.



It's well known that some features are only visible from the air. Where the cost of a helicopter or aircraft would be prohibitive, using our unmanned vehicles suddenly makes this affordable for everyone.

Please e-mail or call 01352 344 580 for more details.



yonda is based in the stunning North Wales Countryside and some of our local views are spectacular. we are able to obtain unique aerial perspectives of the countryside and tourist attractions as well as follow trails and paths, rivers and streams to show off areas of outstanding natural beauty in a unique and captivating way.

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.



Want to make that track day really memorable? We can offer the shots that you 'see on the telly' only with you as the subject. We can't usually keep up with you, unless you're really rubbish! as we restrict our speed to about 40mph, but we can get great video of you cornering, and spectacular climbing shots of you accelerating away. Interested?

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.

Promotional Material


If you run an advertising agency, we can provide unique footage and imagery at incredibly low prices. If you thought you couldn't afford that aerial video you need to promote an organisation's campaign, well now you can. This could provide you with a genuine competitive edge, you only have to watch TV now to see how widely used these shots are. Now they are affordable and available to you too. Want to know more?

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.

Special Events

Special Events

If you are rewarding your team with a special outdoor event, make it really memorable by documenting it with stunning aerial video and photos. If you have a large number of people in an impressive venue the images we can get from the air will be truly remarkable and be the icing on the cake. We are surprisingly affordable and our equipment never fails to impress, especially if you have a technically minded group. We love what we do so are always ready to talk about it!

Please email or call 01352 344 580 for more details.