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Meet Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards, founder of Yonda

Nick is the founder of yonda and brings a legacy of aviation, high technology and television. For the last nine years Nick was Head of Technical Services for QVC the shopping channel, and started his professional life building executive jets at British Aerospace. This unique blend of aviation, high technology and broadcast experience has led Nick to found yonda.

yonda is based in North Wales, and works all over the UK. we only use the very latest, safest, high-technology unmanned aerial systems to deliver state of the art imagery in both still and video form. Our images are high definition, ultra-sharp and ultra stable. If you have ever seen a modern battle tank's main gun remain eerily steady as it traverses rough ground, the same stabilisation technology is used in yonda's aircraft for stabilising the cameras.

Why Choose Us

yonda has the very highest standards of safety. All of our pilots have UK Civil Aviation Authority permission to operate and are insured up to £5M against public liability. All of our aircraft are specified and built by us to aviation standards and fully documented. We carry out our own engineering research and have machining, electronic prototyping and software design capabilities in-house. A picture paints a thousand words and our work speaks for itself. All of the images on this website have been produced by us. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

  • Highest Quality Imagery
  • Ultra stabilised systems
  • Meticulous safety record
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • 'Can do' attitude but safety is King
  • Technological edge

How much does it cost?

yonda has a number of standard packages for specific jobs at competitive rates, but very roughly you can hire yonda for a whole day for less than the cost of hiring a helicopter for one hour. Please call us on 01352 344 580 or e-mail for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

Our Technology



yonda only use market-leading dji aircraft and avionics. The S900 is our flag ship aircraft, GH4 4K Video Broadcast quality camera, world class image stabilisation, ultra stable, ultra-smooth imagery.


The S800-evo is backup for our S900, 18MP Broadcast quality camera, world class image stabilisation, ultra stable, ultra-smooth imagery.


little brother of S800, six rotor for safety and stability. Very high quality Go-pro imagery for still or video work. HD as well as the latest 4K video, which is 4X the resolution of HD. Indoor capable.


Phantom 4
yonda is one of the first UK operators to offer the amazing new Phantom 4. As well as a vastly improved 4K camera with impressive still image capability, the new tracking modes allow shots that would have been considered impossible in the past.

Control Systems

yonda uses the very latest technology that allows us to fly in a number of ways. We can fly with conventional radio control using a live video feed from our aircraft, but we can also use fully automated flight. From our iPad application we can just drop 'waypoints' onto google earth, set an altitude and speed, and our aircraft will take off on their own, follow this mission plan, then land on their own. This allows us to fly very precise routes and also to repeat them at a later date. This means we are able to perform time-lapse.


Camera Systems

yonda uses state of the art brushless gimbal systems that both stabilise and give us full movement of our cameras. yonda uses a two person operation with a pilot controlling the aircraft and a second person independently controlling the camera. This means that the camera can be moved smoothly in all three axis, independently of the aircraft, which gives use incredibly smooth and polished results.



yonda aircraft are extremely safe and all have similar safety features. With six motors, our aircraft will continue to fly even if one motor fails. Also, in the unlikely event of loss of radio or control signal, our aircraft return home from where they took off and land themselves automatically. All our machines have automated stabilisation and GPS navigation systems that means that even if we let go of the controls, they just hover safely. Our flight control computers restrict our aircraft to operate in a 'virtual cylinder' 400 feet high and 500m across so they cannot stray outside of this. All of these features are tested and re-tested annually as part of our licensing commitment.